Bosch Aerotwin Flat Blade Twin Pack 955S 24 inch/23 inch (600/575mm)

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24 inch/23 inch Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blades. Bosch 955S twin pack for BMW 5 series


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Specific BMW Applications:

BMW 520 E60 07/03 on
BMW 523 E60 03/05 on
BMW 523 TOURING E61 03/05 on
BMW 525 E60 09/03 on
BMW 530 E60 07/03 on
BMW 530 TOURING E61 05/04 on
BMW 535 E60 09/04 on
BMW 535 TOURING E61 09/04 on
BMW 545 E60 09/03 on
BMW 545 TOURING E61 05/04 on
BMW M5 E60 11/04 on

Bosch Aerotwin 24 inch/23 inch windscreen wiper blades twin pack designed for specific vehicles. Bosch Aerotwin wipers provide:

  • Quick clip adaptor for easy installation
  • Internal tensioning strip and flexible design to maintain even pressure on the windscreen
  • Low profile reduces drag and wind noise
  • High quality rubber blade designed for long life and effective cleaning in both directions
  • Precision cut rubber and minimal joint play to reduce noise in operation




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