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Compare Our Wiper Blades

Not sure what type or brand of wiper blades to buy? Here’s a quick comparison...

Standard Wiper Blades

These are the most common wiper blades you will see on most cars, and are our most popular product. Bosch is the premium brand fitted as original on many vehicles, while SeeClear is a lower cost, but still high quality aftermarket brand.

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Spoiler Wiper Blades

These are standard windscreen wiper blades with an extra spoiler attached to improve contact with the windscreen at high speeds. They are required for the drivers side on some vehicles, especially those with more streamlined windscreens, but you can generally fit spoiler wiper blades as an option for any front wiper.

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Flat Beam Wiper Blades

Used on some newer cars, you can now buy flat beam blades as an alternative to standard wiper blades for most vehicles. For these wipers, the metal support is built into the blade itself, making them slimmer in appearance. They also give better wiping performance, as they have a more reliable contact with the windscreen. As they are lower profile, flat beam blades do not need spoilers, even for cars that would otherwise require them.

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Rear Windscreen Wiper Blades

On many cars the rear windscreen wiper is very specific to that model, so a particular blade has to be purchased. Some replace just the blade, while for others you have to replace both the wiper blade and the wiper arm. Use the finder to identify the correct rear blade for your vehicle.

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Curved Wiper Blades

A small number of cars use curved wiper blades for the front windscreen. These can be very expensive from a main dealer, so we have a range replacement curved blades in the most common sizes. Other than the shape, they are the same as standard wiper blades.

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Washer Jet Wiper Blades

Some vehicles have the washer jets built into the wiper blades instead of mounted on the bonnet. These blades have the built in washer jets - you just need to reconnect the tubes when fitting them. Aside from that, they are the same as the standard wiper blades.

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Car Specific Wiper Blades

Some vehicles use very specific wiper blades for either the front or rear. We have in stock a range of these for the most popular models. Use the wiper finder tool to identify if your vehicle needs one of these. Some of these blades are a complete wiper blade and wiper arm set.

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Classic Car Wiper Blades

Modern cars mostly use hook fittings. These classic car blades are designed for peg, bayonet or cantilever fittings used on pre-1980s cars. Check the exiting wipers for the fitting type and length to find the right wipers.

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Replacement Wiper Rubbers

Generally, it’s better to replace the entire wiper blade rather than just the rubbers, as the other parts also wear over time, and the cost is relatively low. However, if you do want to just replace the wiper blade rubbers, we have some replacements in stock. Measure the existing blade and buy the nearest size up - you can cut them to length as you fit them. Note that you can only replace the rubbers on standard style blades - it’s not possible on flat beam blades.

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