Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Wiper Blades 4U or about our wiper blades? See our frequently asked question list below. If you still can't find the answer your looking for, contact us and we'll do our best to help you.

How do I pay for my blades or accessories?

You can pay for your order online by using the ‘Add to Basket’ buttons and following the instructions. When going through checkout you will have the option of either paying via Credit/Debit card using a secure service provider with data protection or via Paypal. You are of course welcome to pay us via cheque or postal order.

What do I do if my vehicle is not on your list?

New vehicles and different models are introduced on a regular basis to the market and although we endeavour to keep up sometimes one gets through the net. If your vehicle is not listed in our database just contact us with the details and we will get back to you with the available bulbs. We will at the same time update out database accordingly.

My order hasn't arrived yet, what do i do?

If you selected delivery via Royal Mail recorded delivery then you can contact us for a tracking number.

If you selected Royal Mail First Class then despite our efforts, there can sometimes be unforseen delivery delays. Please remember this is usually down to the Royal Mail, NOT US.

Please wait seven working days after the item shipped date (the date you received the Item Shipped e-mail confirmation). During that time, we recommend that you ask your local postal sorting office if they've already tried to deliver it (even if they didn't leave a card) and ask your neighbours if the package has been left with them. You should also check that the delivery address you gave us is correct. Check the delivery address on the Item shipped email.

If your order hasn't arrived five days after the item shipped date, and it has not been left with your neighbours or at the sorting office then please contact us and we'll do our best to locate it.

What is a wiper blade spoiler?

A spoiler on a wiper blade is a raised area of the blade (usually only on the driver’s side) that helps the wiper blade make better contact to the windscreen of the car. By having this, the wiper blade will clear the screen a lot better and leave fewer streaks. Flat beam/aerotwin blades will all have spoilers built into them.

What are flat beam/aerotwin wiper blades?

The flatbeam/aerotwin wiper blades maximise wiping quality, have a much longer life and produce much less noise than traditional blades. Instead of the rubber blade being encased in a metal housing and held in with small metal claws the flat beam type consists of one continuous piece of rubber with an integrated spoiler. Two spring-loaded rails distribute the pressure to the blade evenly over the entire length of the blade and this results in over 1000 points of contact over the blade instead of 4-8 contacts on a conventional type. The flat design improves the aerodynamics of the wiper blade and reduces wind noise significantly. Another effect is that it improves vision during wiping making them the best choice for upgrade blades and this is why most new vehicles are now automatically fitted this type of technology.

What is the difference between flat blades and my standard metal blades?

The older style wiper blades are a strip of rubber encased in a metal frame. These types of blade attach to the wiper arm on the car via a hook on the end of the wiper arm. The new Flat beam/Aero blades look just like a thick strip of rubber and usually attach to the wiper arm via a clip or pin system.

How do I fit my wipers?

For specific vehicle fitting instructions we recommend you refer to the vehicles handbook. We also have a video guide on the website that will be able to assist you.

Why don't you list my car?

This means we don't have the data for your car so we don’t know what type of blades you have or what sizes they are. If it is an older model of car which uses the metal framed blades all we would need are the sizes of the blades to determine what you need. If it is the new style flat/Aero blades we will need to investigate to see what is needed. You could try contacting the cars dealer or referring to the cars handbook to see if the information is listed there.

The wipers I have bought don't fit my car!

This could be for a number of reasons. Our application guide is just that, a guide only. We always recommend that you double check the size of the blades on your car and that the fitting is also the same as the one we list. Checking your manual or with a dealer is also strongly recommended. We will however be more than happy to assist in trying to work out which ones are needed instead and getting them replaced for you.

Why are my wipers not clearing the screen properly?

Dirty wipers will not clear the screen and small pieces of dust and grit can affect performance. You should clean the windscreen and blades to eliminate this.

The rubber on old wiper blades can become hardened with age which may result in lines, droplets, smears, noise and juddering.

If you have purchased Flat beam/Aero Blades then you may find they are missing a portion of the windscreen when wiping. This is due to the curvature of this particular technology which adds to their benefits however some windscreens may be slightly flatter than others and therefore a gap forms, usually in the centre of the blade. A very good feature of these blades is that they can be moulded slightly to fit different curvatures. By bending them back on themselves you should find this solves your problem as it reduces the curve of the blade meaning they will sit more flush to the screen.

How do I clean my wipers?

When cleaning your wiper blades do not use strong chemicals, household soap, petrol or solvents as these can damage the wipers. Washing up liquid also contains salts that can cause corrosion if not rinsed off properly. We recommend using some vinegar diluted with a little water to get the best results. Using newspaper on the windscreen along with the vinegar to get it extra clean and clear.

When do I need to replace my windscreen wipers?

The recommendation is once a year however this does depend on many other factors. Extreme weather conditions like snow/hard frost or very hot and sunny days can cause the blades to wear out quicker than normal. Tree sap and car washes can also have an impact on the lifespan. The best way is to replace them when they stop performing as they should i.e leaving streaks, juddering or if they are noisy.

Why are my wiper blades noisy/juddery?

This is an indication that the blades need to be replaced or cleaned. We would suggest cleaning the blade first and if this doesn't work then to replace them. If you have installed new flat beam/aerotwin blades and they are noisy or juddery it may be due to the blades not sitting correctly on the screen. By bending them back on themselves you should find this solves your problem as it reduces the curve of the blade meaning they will sit more flush to the screen.

Can I return my wiper blades?

Yes you can do however it has to be within 14 days of the purchase date. We would also ask you to contact us before sending anything back to obtain a returns reference number to return them against. We will be happy to exchange or refund any blades within this time providing they have not been used on a vehicle.

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